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We understand that all business requirements are unique. Whether you need a range of templates, a secure filing system for client contracts, or to send the occasional document for signature, DataSafe-sign offers a wide range of features.

Individual Plan
Three FREE Complimentary Documents
Subsequent documents $5.00 per document - up to 20 recipients with multiple signatures per document.

Totally secure BLOCKCHAIN encryption environment.
Save time and hassles with our Individual Document plan. We hold your documents for 30 days. Or Secure your document library with our optional $5.00 monthly subscription.

Instant and live document signing
Send, manage &create individual documents
Multiple signatures - multiple recipients
Multiple locations - worldwide
Certified document tracking process
Easy to use
Pay as you go
Blockchain security using distributed ledger
Access 24/7
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Business Plan
30 Days Free Trial
($15 per user afterwards)
Includes all   DataSafe Sign features.

Totally secure BLOCKCHAIN encryption environment.

Save time and hassles with DataSafe Sign.
Introduce your small or medium business to your own private and secure document signing and storage. 24/7 access.

Combine multiple documents in one document
Account management / tracking
Team / Client management and control
Security access with individual login
Comprehensive filing system for teams and clients
Secure OTP - dual login process
Editable recipient database
Free upgrades and support
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Enterprise Plan

Build into your existing website or software as a fully integrated service. Or use our API 's to access you own dedicated private and secured Blockchain document editing, storage and signing system.

Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements such as:

Bespoke systems to seamlessly integrate DataSafe-sign within your software
Building website interfaces
Design and build APIs for any environment
Blockchain development for all your needs
Direct access to team support

Our user-friendly document signing system allows your business to easily manage, sign and store all your important documents electronically while ensuring legal and regulatory requirements. We build integrate systems that can work for you and we can even supply white labels as required.

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