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Introducing an innovative document signing system with unmatched protection and efficiency


Transform your productivity potential

Blockchain Security

Digital signatures are securely stored on the Blockchain, providing a tamper-proof signature record.

Sign with Ease

Signing online documents has never been more accessible by allowing multiple users to sign a live document at one time.

Caters to any Business

Whether you are starting up or an enterprise-level business, we have plans available for you.

Streamline Process

With clear and simple document and folder organisation as well as a range of templates, DataSafe-Sign transforms how you work.

Competitive Prices

Our plans are offered at highly competitive prices, without compromising on quality.

Secure Servers

Sign a range of documents within a 100% secured environment using DataSafe Blockchain security.

time saving

Documents that move with the speed of your business

Discover DataSafe-Signs time-saving solution and take the manual work out of your day-to-day tasks. With our live eSignature functionality, we keep your business moving forward from virtually anywhere, at any time.

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Secure solutions

Protect your documents

By utilising the power of Blockchain security, sign a range of identification and contract documents within our 100% secured environment. With no record ever leaving our servers, you can trust that we will protect your high-level contracts and documents - World Wide.


What our clients say

"I have recently negotiated a long term contract with DataSafe-Sign to cover all of our documents signing. Great, east document security. We deal with banks and individuals so privacy and data protection is essential. Price per document has been reduced by 40% from my previous subscription. They also helped me with all of my integrations at great rates. Can recommend DataSafe."
David Prior
Forward Funding
"I recently had to send a secure document overseas and DataSafe-Sign was recommended. This was my first experience and I must say, I was impressed with the process and the fact it was pay as you go. DataSafe-Sign offered this secure platform and it was very easy to use. Well done."
David Holwerda
Miami, QLD
"DataSafe-sign is a platform i 've had the pleasure of working with that has brought so much ease to my role. Having worked most of my career liaising with sales agents, vendors, purchasers and conveyancers / solicitors, I understand all too well how trying to get all parties to execute contract and documents in a timely manner can be messy and time consuming. DataSafe-sign is a platform that allows me to prepare contracts and supporting documents by amending and requiring signatures and authorisation to safely and effectively communicate sensitive and personal information to all parties. Using this platform has given me complete confidence."
Renne Braddock
"After a recent data breach, I was really pleased to use a document signing platform that uses Blockchain. It has given me peace of mind. Thank you "
Karen Colbran
Gold Coast, QLD
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Faq 's

Frequently asked questions

Can I try DataSafe-Sign before I purchase a plan?

Individuals are a pay-as-you-go with a step by step guide on our website to ensure customer satisfaction.
Enterprise / Business users can apply for a demonstration.

How do I buy a plan for over 50 users?

Business plans enable access to our Teams/Staff area for fast addition of new users and team management,

Does everyone signing the document need a DataSafe-Sign account?

No, DataSafe-sign works directly with our subscribed clients. Any document can be sent anywhere at any time, to multiple recipients, secured by our Blockchain integrated systems. DataSafe-sign is user friendly and recipients will receive the document to sign via their normal email address and will be prompted where to sign and send back.

Will my monthly/annual subscription be renewed automatically?

Yes if it is connected to a credit card or debit facility. One time individuals pay-as-you-go.

How do I cancel or downgrade my subscription?

Business clients can simply unsubscribe. All documents held in their database will be compressed and automatically forwarded to you. Enterprise businesses clients deal directly with their representative.